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Cut Vinyl

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Imagine your branding, core values, or inspirational quotes affixed to a wall where everyone could see it!  Benchmark can bring those ideas to life with vinyl letters.  Choose 4mil vinyl custom printed with your image or choose from a wide selection of solid colored vinyl (a more economical option); you can get any word you want mounted to just about any surface you’d like!

The ability in which they can be adhered makes them ideal for mounting on breakable surfaces like glass or mirrors.  It can also be mounted on most finished metals!  The vinyl is also removable, so if you decide to update your design years from now, you can easily remove the vinyl lettering.


Use vinyl lettering as a cost effective option to add design to your wall or to tell a story on a large scale.  Just tell Benchmark what words your brand is inspired by, what color you’d like the letters in the words to be and how big you’d like them cut.  Just three simple steps!  This product is one of the most popular choices for most brands because of its simplicity.

If you choose custom printing for your vinyl project, we use UV inks which have great durability.  For even more protection, you can laminate the pieces as well.  Our vinyls can be used for interior or exterior applications.


Letters are cut with our digital die cut machine which means any font or contour can become vinyl art!  We can even match cut to produce multi panel decals.  For some projects, cut graphics are put on a quick release liner.  It allows you to review the placement of the letters before they’re burnished into place and allows clients to install small jobs themselves!

However, if you would like a professional touch to assist you in the installation, Benchmark can take your job from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about finding independent contractors to complete the project.  Bring us your ideas and we’ll work with you to make sure everything is exactly the way you’d like it!

For a Non-PVC alternative see our Green Removable Wall Fabric.




Interior Graphics

Hanging Graphics

Hanging Graphics
Make your artwork a showpiece in your office!  We have many hanging options.

Wall Coverings

Wall Coverings
Wall coverings are a creative way to update your interior spaces.  We have the latest methods!


When you want to have the coolest office, we can print custom ceiling tiles sure to be the highlight of your office!


Whether you need a trade show floor or a temporary vinyl decal, we can print them all!


We do more than just vinyl business hour signs – we do the whole window!  Click to learn more.


Custom Fabric
Wall coverings, curtains – we can custom print large scale fabrics for interiors.