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Hanging Bars


Hanging Bar Graphic


  • Most economical way to display graphic messages
  • One time install, graphics change as needed
  • Great visibility, ideal for large graphics
  • Hang from ceiling or wall – lots of options available


Hang advertising from the ceiling to show customers where products are, what items are on sale or use them for way finding messages, permanent or temporary.  Create wall graphics with the same bars and wall mount brackets for a cohesive look. With quick and easily installations, the tracks to hang the graphics will quickly be in place for as long as you need!

Cable Hanging Bars


Print on inexpensive vinyl, wrinkle-free fabric, or stiff paper stock.  You can choose any appropriate graphic size that meets your needs because our hanging bars can be cut to match or connected end to end for as long as you want to go.  Graphics insert into the bars in a variety of different ways. The top bar is part of the hanging system. The optional bottom bar weighs down the graphic so that it hangs straight and looks more complete.  Suspension can be done from ceilings with wires or fishline. There are lots of innovative inexpensive and easy hangers to create the attachment to the ceiling. There is even a motorized version that lowers the graphic to a standing height allowing graphic changes without ladders. Solutions exist for pretty much any commercial situation you could have.

Remember Benchmark does installations. As your project grows in size, especially if using ceiling mounts, consider this easy option.  

Cable Hanging Bars


There is a big selection of hanger bar styles and mounting hardware options. Once you know where you want to hang your graphic and how big it is, please call. Our knowledgeable sales people can narrow the field quickly for you and get you a cost for both the initial install and the eventual replacement graphics if appropriate. 

Hanging Bar GraphicIDEAS:

Because hanger bars can be mounted to walls as well as ceilings, retail spaces benefit highly using hanger bars for advertising, in store product locations, and in public facing windows. Malls use really large hanging banners in common areas. But don’t overlook the less obvious uses anywhere you want to communicate or improve an environment with easily changed graphics. We have used wall mounted bars to redecorate some really large wall surfaces. Check out this installation we did for Dominican University.





Interior Graphics


Hanging Graphics

Hanging Graphics
Make your artwork a showpiece in your office!  We have many hanging options.

Wall Coverings

Wall Coverings
Wall coverings are a creative way to update your interior spaces.  We have the latest methods!


When you want to have the coolest office, we can print custom ceiling tiles sure to be the highlight of your office!


Whether you need a trade show floor or a temporary vinyl decal, we can print them all!


We do more than just vinyl business hour signs – we do the whole window!  Click to learn more.


Custom Fabric
Wall coverings, curtains – we can custom print large scale fabrics for interiors.