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  • Create a permanent impression with temporary graphics
  • Easy installation, easy to replace or rearrange graphics
  • A variety of uses
  • One time installation, lifetime of use


Imagine being able to custom print a large wall area and then randomly apply smaller graphics as easily as adding magnets to a refrigerator.  Magnetic walls are perfect for companies who want to replace graphics frequently, but don’t want to spend time setting up installations every time.  With the one-time installation of magnetic panels, graphics can be switched as needed.



There are two basic components in our magnetic graphic system: magnetic materials and magnetic receptives. Both can be custom printed and cut to any shape.  This means that you don’t have to have a large area of a solid color (like a whiteboard).  You can be as creative as you’d like with these materials!

The receptives are the less expensive part of the system. There is even a magnetic receptive paint that will allow any wall to hold printed magnetic pieces in place.



Let Benchmark print your materials, install the magnetic panels, and then you can take it from there!  You can rearrange or print new images at any time.  Printing can be done with a standard inkjet printer on magnetic paper that can be bought at most office supply stores.

Magnetic surfaces can be as large as entire walls or as small as that little space you have. All can be custom printed and easily trimmed to fit.  For large mural areas that would normally require an installer for a graphic change, magnetic panels allow pre-trimmed graphics to be changed by anyone with or without experience.



Showcase upcoming promotions, highlight employees outstanding achievements, rotate graphics like flavor of the day menu items, or promote upcoming holiday events. The best part about magnetics is their range of use.

Whether it’s a reception desk, where dates and contacts change frequently, or a large wall at a museum where children can lock pieces of puzzles in to make grand displays, magnetic walls offer the simplicity of one installation with daily, or even hourly, rearrangement.





Interior Graphics

Hanging Graphics

Hanging Graphics
Make your artwork a showpiece in your office!  We have many hanging options.

Wall Coverings

Wall Coverings
Wall coverings are a creative way to update your interior spaces.  We have the latest methods!


When you want to have the coolest office, we can print custom ceiling tiles sure to be the highlight of your office!


Whether you need a trade show floor or a temporary vinyl decal, we can print them all!


We do more than just vinyl business hour signs – we do the whole window!  Click to learn more.


Custom Fabric
Wall coverings, curtains – we can custom print large scale fabrics for interiors.