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Printing & Finishing Capabilities

Benchmark Imaging & Display is a state-of-the-art color managed large format printing and banner printing services shop capable of getting the best out of Pantone® colors and profiled raster images. The importance of this is hard to over-stress because display images frequently come from other projects that may have had different media or substrate requirements when they were originally designed. At Benchmark, your images maintain color consistency across all our printing devices and substrates. That’s only possible with well managed color management systems.

Large Format projects involving custom architectural interiors, trade-show displays, and promotional events are a primary endeavor at Benchmark.  Since these projects frequently require a myriad of different production and finishing services, we help our customers maintain accountability through dependable relationships with outside specialty firms for installation services, matched panel wallpaper hanging, interior brand fixtures, acrylic fabrication, fabric structural components, custom made portable display cases, etc. With so many variables the best way to determine if we are the right firm for your project is to call and talk to our sales staff.



Fabric Printing

Benchmark’s fabric printing has been engineered to bring you the best sharpness, detail, and color saturation the industry can produce.

Latex Printing

Unprecedented quality and vibrant color on rigid or flexible, up to 98″ wide with a definition you have to see to believe.


UV Hybrid Printing

Vutek is a 10 foot UV hybrid, meaning it can print ultra-violet curing ink onto both roll media and flat boards.

Fabric Finishing

Silicone edge graphics (SEG), edge stitching, sewed in velcro, pillow casing and more.

iCut Image

Digital Die Cutting

Benchmark Imaging’s i-cut digital die cutting service is a patented contour cutting system that works like a computerized CNC router.

AGL 6450 laminator

Large Format Lamination

Safely sealed behind sturdy sheeting, Benchmark has many laminating options to finish your project.