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5ft Magnetic Pop Up TableTop Display

  • Price includes soft shipping case
  • 3 configurations for using graphic panels or Velcro accepting fabric panels
  • Two graphic panel production methods offer “best available” or “great price”  (see Graphic Panel Construction TAB below for details)
  • Magnetic channel bars are symmetrical so whenever they attach they are right
  • Invisible backside panel hangers allow full graphic coverage
  • Struts attach to hub with common screws for easy field repairs
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Our SNAP Mini is a “just the right size” offering to help you get your message out. It can be carried by most people in the provided soft carry bag. When setup is complete, the bag will conveniently store under the table the display is on. The SNAP magnetic pop-up display system is based on a modular design. The same structural parts can be combined to make many different configurations to attract attention and present your brand at tradeshows, conventions and exhibits. It combines strength, reliability, style and ease of use (see configurations below).

Snap has several unique advantages over other similar portable displays that make it simpler to use. First, Rare Earth Neo Magnets snap the symmetrical channel bars into place. Symmetrical channel bars mean you don’t have to figure out top from bottom, just hold them close to the hubs and SNAP – they jump into place. The magnetic structural locks, the pieces responsible for locking the frame in an expanded position, work the same way, making the system one of the quickest and simplest to erect and take down, No parts to break or hinges to fail. The frame struts attach to the hubs with screws. This means a damaged strut can be easily field changed rather than having to ship the whole unit back for repair.  The SNAP system can be configured many different ways, from basic tabletop kits to full 20’ long displays, curved or straight, gullwing or horseshoe, single or double sided. Combine SNAP with breathtaking, virtually seamless graphic mural panels and you will present a bold memorable message to your customers and prospects. (see Frame Configurations TAB )

Hard Proof Option

proof icon Hard Proof

$25.00 .Add

Add on Lights

1-LED-Cool-arm-lights 1 LED arm light

$105.00 .Add

1-LED-arm-light 1 LED Cool arm lights

Add on Literature Stand

4-Pocket-Rollup-Literature-Stand 4 Pocket Rollup
Literature Stand

$91.00 .Add

8-Pocket-Rollup-Literature-Stand  8 Pocket Rollup
Literature Stand

$102.00 .Add

Add On Snap Case OCS 14

Snap Case OCS Snap Case OCS 14

$165.00 .Add

Magnetic Pop Up Displays

We produce custom printed Pop up panels two ways: “Great Price” by Inkjet; “Best Available” by Lambda

The terms identify two different printing engines that print the images. But there are also differences in the ways we finish the panels that make a difference in both durability and costs. Neither are “poor quality”, but Lambda panels are definitely better than our Inkjet panels. If you have a show coming up that requires a very targeted message, only useful a few times, good enough could well be the best choice. If instead you plan to use the same message lots of times at different locations, you’ll want to step up the quality and durability to tolerate all the handling and buffeting tradeshows and sales teams are noted for. For more information on the two printing engines see our information pages for Lambda and Vutek printers.

Summary of differences in methods
  Lambda Inkjet
Hard Proof included No No
PDF Proof Yes (included) Yes (included)
Imaging Method Continuous Tone Stochastic Dots
Print Material 7mil Polyester 22mil PVC
Front Laminated Yes No
Light Blocking backer Yes No
Total Panel Thickness 22mil 22mil

Lambda panel pricing includes a hard proof recorded on the media the panels will be produced on and free ground shipping to your site. This is the best way to insure color fidelity when color matching is a top priority.

Inkjet panels are proofed via an email able PDF and color is therefore “ballpark”. We don’t mean inferior. Just that monitor colors vary so critical judgments aren’t possible without hard proofs.

Lambda -When ad copy says “near photographic quality” Lambda quality is what they are trying to get “near”. This laser based system uses light to draw continuous tone images on polyester based photographic material. The result is superior maximum color densities, great detail, and smoothness that can’t be topped. All the major Pop up brands choose Lambda for their best production. For more information see Lambda on our equipment page under large format printing. Also see the manufacturer’s website.

Inkjet -Our printing engine is a 6 color UV hybrid Vutek. We print directly on a 22mil PVC sheet. The Vutek is a stable workhorse in large format printing. It uses the 2 extra colors to smooth out the shading and vignette problems inherent in fixed dot size stochastic printing. See Vutek UV Hybrid Printer on our equipment page for more information.

Lambda – Panels are face laminated with a best of class hard coat textured vinyl that resists scratches, fingerprinting, tears, and kinks. Behind the print is a custom formulated Light Blocking laminate. It has a bright white surface that backs up the image and a photo-opaque layer to stop any backlight from compromising your image. All together the three layers create a tough, cleanable, 22mil, match panel system that is the gold standard of the trade show industry.
Inkjet – Panels receive all the same careful trimming for great panel matching but lack laminates on the face or back for additional protection. UV printing ink is outdoor durable right off the press but can be scratched or chipped if handled roughly. If you only do a few shows and have good control over who handles the panels this economically priced alternative is a great way to save some money on your project.

Our fabric panels are made from Premier ribbed polyester roll goods designed specifically to work with Velcro detachable graphics. We chose the ribbed fabric because it stands up the best to repeated Velcro detachments.

Colors P


We include a PDF proof at no charge. We will deliver the proof back to you via email within 24hrs of your order. This proof must be approved to start production of your graphic.


The best way to insure color fidelity when matching a particular color is essential is to request a hard proof recorded on the media the graphic will be produced on. You will be able to choose this option, for additional charge, at checkout. The proof price includes free ground shipping to your site. Faster shipping can be done at additional charge. Please call for arrangements for faster hard proof shipping. Hard proofs add 24hrs in house to proof turnaround time.


We calibrate only Solid Pantone Coated Colors. This does not include blends or screen %. The best way to prepare your graphic files when using Pantone colors is to leave the colors as “spot colors” referencing the specific Pantone colors you want. Do NOT convert colors to CMYK. Our system will substitute the closest color values available for the print media you have chosen to simulate your colors. The way to determine if the colors available are “close enough” is to request a hard proof recorded on the media the subject will be printed on as recommended above. Benchmark maintains a fully color managed workflow using state of the art spectrophotometric analyzers and calibrations. For more information about color management in general and at Benchmark specifically, see our blog post “Get your Geek On”

You can begin your design process prior to making purchases by downloading design templates found in the “Template” TAB anytime.

Once you make a purchase you will receive an order number and you can upload your files by clicking upload“Upload Files”  in the navigation bar located on the upper right corner of this page. This option is visible from all pages on our site except the payment page.

When an order is placed you receive an email that includes a link to the UPLOAD FILES page. You can forward this to your designer or someone else to have them upload files for you.

When Uploading files, be sure to keep the browser window open until the system notifies you that the upload is complete. After completion, the system will send the person uploading an email summarizing the files received and notify Benchmark your files are available.

Please Note – turnaround times for products including graphics are not based on time of purchase but rather on proof approval from graphic files received.

If you are ready to UPLOAD your files now click here

Weight 28lbs(with case)
Shipping dimensions 19” x 19” x 45” (with case)
Approximate Graphic Dims 76.25” x 47.75” (5ft with end caps)
Display foot print 57.25”w x 48.25”h x 11.75”d
Graphic Material options Lambda, InkJet on PVC
Snap Mini Standard Table Top 5ft Temp

Normal turnaround time is 5 working days in house after proof approval. E-Proofs will be delivered via email within 24hrs of receiving the file. If you have a specific deadline that you need to meet, RUSH service is available, contact us here for a Rush Quote.