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Dye Sub Table Throws

  • Fire-retardant (required in public venues)
  • Machine-washable
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Heavy weight
  • Durable
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Table top shows are great but the tables you get usually aren’t. The best way to stay in control of your look is to own your own table drape. We call them table drapes but they are also called Table Skirts and Table Throws.

2 Configurations

We offer a variation for DyeSub Table Drapes not available for the blanks or Screen Prints. We call it “Economy” and “Full”. Full means there is fabric draping to the ground all the way around the table. Economy means the back is open and the drape only goes to the ground on three sides. There are many other alternatives available: fitted throws, skirts, and runners. To keep the website manageable we have only listed the most popular. Give us a call to find out more about the others.

Two Printing Production Methods

Benchmark offers 2 production methods for table drapes and table throws: Screen Printing, and Dye-sublimation. Screen Printing starts with a solid colored fabric and prints inks only in the specific area that will hang on the front of the table. Each color is applied separately. Dye-sublimation starts with white fabric and prints the entire area of the drape to create backgrounds, images, and line work where ever your design file places it.

What are the advantages of one method over the other?
Here’s a list of features to compare and contrast the two methods. If it sounds confusing call our sales team for an explanation. They are really good at making things simpler:

  • When printing quantities costs on screen printing drop most dramatically.
  • Colors – Screen Printing – If you need a hard to hit Pantone color for your logo, the pantone inks used in our screen printing will insure an exact match. We CANNOT silkscreen gradients. Maximum number of colors for a single screen print are 3.
  • Colors – Dye Sub – If you want a photo or many colored illustration, or an effect that uses shading, only Dye Sub will do. Dye Sub creates colors on the fly from CMYK dyes. Those colors are good enough for most needs but not for “pantone match”.
  • Screen printing is limited to a specific size and area on the front of the drape. Dye Sub can put color and detail anyplace on the drape you want it. Screen Print costs go up with each color added (max 3). Dye Sub costs the same whether you use one little spot of color or cover the entire drape with an intricate pattern.
  • If your goal is to have a solid color drape with your logo in 1,2,or 3 colors on the front, screen printing will give you the best result in color accuracy, consistency, and durability.


What about the fabric?
All of our Table Drapes are made from top of the line synthetic fabrics designed to tolerate the rigors of trade show exhibits. They are :

  • Fire-retardant (required in public venues)
  • Machine-washable
  • Wrinkle-resistant
  • Heavy weight
  • Durable

Hard Proof Option

proof icon Hard Proof

$25.00 .Add

Add on Throw Carry

38 W x 5 Dia Table Drape Tubular Carrying Case White Throw Carry Bag

Add on Folding 6ft Table

6ft Folding Table Folding 6ft Table

$123.00 .Add

Tabletop Displays


You bet! They can be made as: throws, fitted throws, skirts, runners, even front side only banners that clip to the edge of the table. We listed our most popular choices to keep the clutter down. Give us a call if you don’t see what you want. We’ll be happy to give you more options and details and email a quote.

We listed single pricing for reference but there are many more prices for higher quantities. The variables can get a little dizzying. Let our sales person sort it out for you by calling for a quote.


We include a PDF proof at no charge. We will deliver the proof back to you via email within 24hrs of your order. This proof must be approved to start production of your graphic.


The best way to insure color fidelity when matching a particular color is essential is to request a hard proof recorded on the media the graphic will be produced on. You will be able to choose this option, for additional charge, at checkout. The proof price includes free ground shipping to your site. Faster shipping can be done at additional charge. Please call for arrangements for faster hard proof shipping. Hard proofs add 24hrs in house to proof turnaround time.


We calibrate only Solid Pantone Coated Colors. This does not include blends or screen %. The best way to prepare your graphic files when using Pantone colors is to leave the colors as “spot colors” referencing the specific Pantone colors you want. Do NOT convert colors to CMYK. Our system will substitute the closest color values available for the print media you have chosen to simulate your colors. The way to determine if the colors available are “close enough” is to request a hard proof recorded on the media the subject will be printed on as recommended above. Benchmark maintains a fully color managed workflow using state of the art spectrophotometric analyzers and calibrations. For more information about color management in general and at Benchmark specifically, see our blog post “Get your Geek On”

You can begin your design process prior to making purchases by downloading design templates found in the “Template” TAB anytime.

Once you make a purchase you will receive an order number and you can upload your files by clicking upload“Upload Files”  in the navigation bar located on the upper right corner of this page. This option is visible from all pages on our site except the payment page.

When an order is placed you receive an email that includes a link to the UPLOAD FILES page. You can forward this to your designer or someone else to have them upload files for you.

When Uploading files, be sure to keep the browser window open until the system notifies you that the upload is complete. After completion, the system will send the person uploading an email summarizing the files received and notify Benchmark your files are available.

Please Note – turnaround times for products including graphics are not based on time of purchase but rather on proof approval from graphic files received.

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  • 6ft: 5 lbs
  • 8ft: 6 lbs
Shipping dimensions
  • 6ft: 12″ W 12″ H 6″ D
  • 8ft: 12″W 12″ H 6″ D
Approximate Graphic Dims
  • 6ft economy overall size 126.5″ x 61.25″
  • 6ft Full overall size 130.5″ x 88.5″
  • 8ft economy overall size 150.5″ x 61.25″
  • 8ft Full overall size 150.5″ x 84″
6ft Economy Table Throw Temp
6ft Full Table Throw Template
8ft Economy Table Throw Temp
8ft Full Table Throw Template

Normal turnaround time is 5 working days in house after proof approval. E-Proofs will be delivered via email within 24hrs of receiving the file. If you have a specific deadline that you need to meet, RUSH service is available, contact us here for a Rush Quote.