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Tell your story with Environmental Graphics

Your business has a story to tell. It needs to direct, inform and link customer to brand.

While you might have the traditional outlets covered, an often-overlooked medium to tell your story is your workplace. Your walls, windows, and doors are wasted blank pages that could be sharing your message.

Using diverse elements such as typography, imagery, color and textures, Environmental Graphics are designed to help enhance the experience people have within your space. You can direct and communicate with vibrant and informative graphics, change the mood with specific colors and add texture with dimensional elements. With some of the methods below, we can help give your rooms a story worth telling!


Wall Murals

For marketing or for mood, your walls are where it starts. Custom wall murals are a unique and affordable way to change the look and feel of any room. Make the best first impression to customers, improve employee morale and spark creativity or shift the mood with a color change.

Compared to painting, installation of wall murals is a snap and so much cleaner!









Available media:


  • Repositionable vinyl: for temporary events, lasting up to 6 months
  • Permanent vinyl: resilient and long-lasting
  • Repositionable fabric: easy to install and good for humid environments
  • Traditional & Eco-Friendly Wallpaper
  • If you don’t see it here, ask us and we can probably find it


From floor-to-ceiling digital graphics to simple lettering, your creative options are endless.

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We can help you from concept to completion, including installation!


Window Graphics

Like your walls, your windows might also be under-achieving. Whether for promotional, privacy or instructional purpose, don’t let these blank spaces go to waste, indoors or out!

Give your conference rooms and offices more privacy with frosted window vinyl applied directly to the glass. Contour-cut and print-ready, it’s a stylish way to make meetings more discreet, and customizable to fit whatever space you’re designing for. 










Die-cut lettering and designs gives your message prominence while letting your windows breathe.

Use perforated vinyl to cover them completely, without losing your view. Also known as “see-through window film”, it’s a printable window media with small, uniform holes thoughout. This allows you to use storefront windows as giant billboards without blocking light from coming in or people from seeing out. Perfect for announcements and events, a window sized graphic is guaranteed to grab attention. Cost effective and energy smart, the sunlight reduction provided by this vinyl will also reduce your cooling costs.

As you can see, when you combine the choice of opacities (transparent, frosted and opaque) with 4-color printing you add your unique touch to the glass. So don’t let your windows remain under-utilized.


Wayfinding / Directional Signage

Every inch of your space has potential to enhance the environment. When you can add functionality to the design by directing and informing, you maximize your return.

Integrated within the environment of the space, you can seamlessly get people from point A to point B without disruption.

Create a unique path for visitors to follow with visual cues on walls, windows and doors.


Dimensional Lettering

Add depth and texture to your space with custom made dimensional signage. For both interior and exterior, your branding will stand out like never before!

Made from:
  • Flat-cut or fabricated metal
  • Laser-cut or precision-machined acrylic
  • Formed plastic
  • Laminated foam
  • and more!

We offer custom color finishes to match your brand, and illuminated options are also available.

No matter how complex your logo, we can cut it to shape. Mounting can be done on virtually any flat surface, giving you endless branding possibilities.


Light Boxes

Grab attention and never give it back with illuminated wall graphics. Powered by diffused LED lighting for maximum visual impact, these energy-efficient displays give any room a visual centerpiece like no other.

Keep the aluminum frame and change out the graphic for a renewable investment that will never go out of style!

With Environmental Graphics, you can weave your brand in to the story you want to tell, the message you want to send. Whether to inform, direct, motivate or inspire, let us help you make the visual connection between your people and your space.