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Digital Imaging Guidelines

Digital Imaging Guidelines
In order to provide you with the highest quality of service, please use the following guidelines when preparing your file.

  1. Specify file name and page number to be imaged. Benchmark accepts most current versions of graphics applications in either Mac or PC formats. Specify size, media (Lambda, Flatbed, Inkjet, etc.) and quantities needed. Please include your name, phone number, email, purchase order and schedule.
  2. Include all printer & screen fonts, all linked components and an up to date hard copy of your files.
  3. Please double check the proportions for your graphic and that your file will print to required size.
  4. For PMS color match, please use Pantone coated colors in your file (do not convert to CMYK or RGB).
  5. Files can be accepted at 1/4, 1/2 or full size however, scans and artwork should be between 150-200 dpi at final size. A good method for checking raster image quality is to view the image in Photoshop at full size. WYSIWYG – What you see is what you get.
  6. Benchmark is a fully color managed shop. We can work with either CMYK or RGB files for all media/printers. Color is more predictable with profiled documents. Please call us with any questions or concerns.
  7. When uploading, please zip or stuff your files, and specify file names for your job.
  8. When writing files to CD/DVD, always check your files on the disk to make sure all the necessary elements are present and have copied properly.
  9. For I-cut, custom contour cut jobs, the final graphic file must be Adobe Illustrator. Please use separate layers for artwork, cut paths and register marks.
  10. For Lenticular files, the final graphic file is best created as layers in Adobe Photoshop. If other applications are used, we charge to convert to Photoshop.