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Hanging Graphics


Change your interior with hanging graphics.  We have many great options to choose from.  Conventional frames and museum wraps (wrapped canvas) are traditional and timeless ways of displaying artwork.  If you’d like a more modern look, choose stand offs or fotoflot.  Snap frames, fabric frames and light boxes are all ways to illuminate your pictures.  Dimensional letters are a fun way to make your words pop.

SEG Welting sewn to edge

Framed Fabrics
Fabric frames are similar to snap frames, but have less of a frame.  Choose this for a seamless display.

Gyford StandOff Systems®

Stand offs
When you want a modern feel to your office space, choose stand offs to make a big impact.


Snap Frames (Backlit / Frontlit)
Snap frames are illuminated pictures.  Choose backlit or frontlit for the best fit for you.

Light weight system only 24lbs for 4ft x 4ft box

Backlit Fabric Frames

When you want your graphics to shine, choose a light box to light up the artwork.


Conventional Frames
We have dozens of options for conventional frames.  Choose your own artwork or a graphic from a featured artist. 

fotoflot_index 2

When you want your images to literally float off the wall, choose this product for a neat collage.

Cable Hanging Bars

Hanging Bars
Perfect for crowded offices that have no floor space for graphics.  Hang your artwork in windows and above aisles in your space.


Museum Wraps
Wrapped canvas is one of the most timeless displays to hang artwork.  We create large scale museum wraps.

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Dimensional Lettering
When you want your letters to stand out, choose dimensional letters to give added depth to your space.