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Rainbow Trees Light Fixture



Trees stretching towards the sky, puffy clouds suspended in bright blue, or even fish floating around – all of these images could be in your office.  Typical office lighting is our canvas to do something amazing for your space.

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Just think of the possibilities.  No more boring white lights – the sky is the limit for these fixtures.


Any existing fluorescent fixture can be retrofitted with a colorful backlit lens.  We will be printing the graphic which would then be adhered to the lighting panel in your office space.  Benchmark installers can install the new lenses which means you don’t have to worry about a thing.  We can take the project from idea to installation.

Cathedral Ceiling Sky Light

Office lights can be harsh and void of aesthetic appeal.  Adding an imaged light fixture panel allows you to influence a viewer’s experience and mood. For example: it can create a more relaxed atmosphere as the images soothe anyone who looks up and sees nature beaming down at them.
6 MRI rooms are great examples of areas that may have occupants with high levels of stress.  Adding panels like these can calm patients as they prepare for treatment.  This is a great time to use evidence based design, as medical practitioners coined the term, to soothe incoming clients.

Another application is enhancing the perceived value of a space. With these panels, you could make it look like every floor is the penthouse with a skylight shining in.  Create themes – aquariums, tree tops, clouds – and then continue the patterns throughout your space.


Don’t have rectangle shaped lights?  Don’t worry!  Benchmark has a digital cutting machine that can contour cut the panels for any shape light.  This creates even more visual impact to lights that have significant architectural surroundings. If your project involves new construction or remodeling requiring new fixtures, Benchmark can refer our light manufacturing partners to fill that need.Autumn Leaves Light FIxture


A typical office ceiling light doesn’t have to look plain anymore.  Call a Benchmark sales rep to get started on redesigning your interior office lights today!








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Hanging Graphics

Hanging Graphics
Make your artwork a showpiece in your office!  We have many hanging options.

Wall Coverings

Wall Coverings
Wall coverings are a creative way to update your interior spaces.  We have the latest methods!


When you want to have the coolest office, we can print custom ceiling tiles sure to be the highlight of your office!


Whether you need a trade show floor or a temporary vinyl decal, we can print them all!


We do more than just vinyl business hour signs – we do the whole window!  Click to learn more.


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Wall coverings, curtains – we can custom print large scale fabrics for interiors.