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DPI is joining Benchmark Imaging & Display

DPI is joining Benchmark Imaging & Display

DPI, your top quality provider of large format and grand format printing and finishing, is joining forces with Benchmark Imaging & Display and relocating production to 221 Lively Blvd, Elk Grove Village. But the great customer service and on-time delivery you rely on will not be changing. Matt Rodgers will continue to oversee your account and ensure that you receive exemplary service.

 “I think this merger will be a win/win for everyone involved !”

Matt Rodgers, General Manager, DPI

“Combining our capabilities will expand the services and products we offer both company’s customers and lower costs.”

Bill McKinley, President, Benchmark Imaging & Display

To get in touch with Matt, you can email him at, or call him at 847-290-0002 ext 107.

Click here to see our website ( ) and view the new range of services Matt has to offer.

Or consider visiting our showroom at 221 Lively Blvd and try out some of the new products

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