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DPI is joining Benchmark Imaging & Display

Benchmark Acquires DPI

DPI is joining Benchmark Imaging & Display DPI, your top quality provider of large format and grand format printing and finishing, is joining forces with Benchmark Imaging & Display and relocating production to 221 Lively Blvd, Elk Grove Village. But the great customer service and on-time delivery you rely on will not be changing. Matt […]

Nimco’s new 40 foot booth from Benchmark packs them in

Nimco Trade Show Setup with Fabric Banners and Custom Counter

There are lots of things in modern life that are everywhere but you never stop to think how they come about. Here’s one – the cartons that hold milk and orange juice. Turns out making the complicated machinery that folds, fills, and seals “the freshness in” is no small feat, especially when production requirements hit […]

BIG Rock’em Sock’em Backlit Graphic for Dave & Buster’s

Dave & Buster’s, the all-out fun arcade/dining/entertainment company, wanted something new to promote the debut of their exclusive, gi-normous, Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots game. In case you’ve forgotten, Rock’em Sock’em Robots pits two players against each other as they control the 5 foot red and blue robots in a boxing battle to the finish, winning […]


The Museum of Science and Industry, one of Chicago’s top museums, opened a new exhibit called “Brick by Brick”. It’s an amazing display of Lego® creations that emulate famous architectural structures from around the world.  Most were “built” by Adam Reed Tucker, a native Chicagoan who is one of only 14 Certified Lego® Professionals in […]

Benchmark at the Guggenheim!

  All Things Party, a Chicago boutique event design, production, and management  company, has been WOWing high end customers with great party experiences for 20 years. Its founder, Steve Valenti, was contracted by a prestigious national law firm to stage a reception. It had some pretty tough requirements, and Steve wanted Benchmark to work with […]

Universal Marble & Granite

Intro: Universal Granite and Marble (UGM) is a highly successful U.S. importer of natural stone from India, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and China. They maintain over 500,000 sq.ft. of stone gallery and showroom space in markets including Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Omaha. Architects, interior designers, and fabricators visit their warehouse locations to […]

News from the 2016 Exhibitor Live Show

Exhibitor Live is the premier trade show for trade show people in the US. Custom display builders from around the country push their designers to use the latest trends and technology to compete for best in class awards. Manufacturers of portables and service providers are also there to show off their latest innovations. And there […]

A Just Harvest – Printing for a Non Profit

Large Format printing for A Just Harvest

This past October A Just Harvest had their 12th annual awards dinner at Architectural Artifacts in Chicago, IL.  A Just Harvest is a service-based nonprofit that focuses on feeding the hungry in the Rogers Park area for 30 years.  They have an annual awards dinner to recognize local businesses and churches for supporting and furthering […]

Benchmark’s Printing Wows at MSI Chicago

Numbers in Nature is a new permanent exhibit at Chicago’s very own Museum of Science and Industry.  The new exhibit replaces the old Petroleum Planet, which had stood in the same spot for 13 years.  Ravenswood Studios was selected to create the exhibit for Numbers in Nature, and soon after Benchmark got a call to […]

Banner Stand Cases

Protect your investment There’s more to marketing than showing up, and if you want to wow potential customers it’s going to take more than a run of the mill booth. In a world of fierce competition and discerning consumer demands, displays need to be able to both attract attention as well as hold on to […]