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Backlit Trade Show Counter

  • Military Grade aluminum frame with pearl white finish and sturdy countertop
  • Popup frame expands and collapses easily allowing a toolless setup
  • LED Ladder Lighting ensures an even and brightly illuminated graphic
  • Easy to pack and ship to any show or hotel
  • Stunning high-resolution, wrinkle-resistant, and machine washable fabric graphic
  • Extra SEG graphics can be printed and are easy to mount to the frame
$859.00 .


Our Backlit Pop Up Trade Show Counter is based upon the same technology as our Backlit Pop Up Displays. The counter’s folding aluminum frame expands into shape in seconds. The SEG channel bars easily snap onto the frame allowing the fabric graphic to be attached quickly while also providing the structure additional stability.

SEG stands for Silicone Edged Graphic. This fabric graphic is outfitted with a pliable push-fit silicone keder around its perimeter that fits into the frames channel bars. This system puts tension on the graphic eliminating the wrinkles that plague conventional fabric pop ups—just one reason SEG frames are fast becoming the go-to medium for large format graphic presentations.

Once the channel bars have been locked in place, the LED ladder lights can be clipped onto the front of the frame. These specially designed lattice lights provide even, seamless lighting across the face of the counter’s graphic giving it an impressive vibrancy and definition unrivaled by most other mediums.

The counter and lights come packed in a compact bag with wheels so you don’t have to struggle lugging it around from show-to-show.

All of our graphics are printed in-house and sewn to specification on an order-to-order basis. We produce a single Dye-Sub fabric sheet capable of displaying fully saturated color while backlit. Our transfer printing creates a full dynamic range from bright white to solid black without pin-holes to degrade the effect. Benchmark created a matched system of ink, transfer paper, and specialty fabric that will display your image backlit brighter and better than you have ever seen!

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