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Tunnel Hill’s Custom 10×20 Booth

10 x 20 custom booth for trade show

We’d been working with Zack Read from Weaver Consultants Group on a booth they needed for an upcoming show. We showed him our full offering—from banner stands and fabric backlit displays, to our fully customizable range of 10×10 and 10×20 booths. Zack chose one of our backlit pop up displays for his firm’s booth. But in the process Zack’s client, Tunnel Hill Partners, told him they would be interested in one of our custom booths.

As a result Michael Kozak, J.D., Tunnel Hill’s Senior VP of Strategic Pricing and Business Development called us. This was Tunnel Hill’s first trade show and they wanted to make a big splash. They did not have a graphic designer or marketing team to handle the booth’s design or the logistics of getting it to the show. No problem! From concept to the show floor, we had their back every step of the way and they were so pleased with our work Michael had this to say:

The show went well and the booth went great. We received numerous comments that we had the ‘best booth on the floor’! We also had people stop by just to ask us who we worked with on the booth. We were very pleased and passed your info on to a number of people…

All in all, we were very pleased to work with Benchmark. Their work was first class and we would not hesitate to use them again in the future!”

-Michael Kozak, J.D. – Senior Vice President of Strategic Pricing and Business Development

Tunnel Hill needed a modular booth that could fit a 10×20 space for their upcoming show, and wanted it adaptable so it could also work in a 10×10 space at future shows. Mike chose several designs from our online catalog that were modular and featured a backlit display, a feature that’s quickly becoming a must-have at trade shows.

What ultimately helped Mike decide on a booth design was the mockup we produced with Tunnel Hill’s branding. With the 3D rendering, he was able to see how his booth would look before spending any money. From there, our graphic designer went to work to produce the final graphics that Tunnel Hill would use for their booth.

The booth consists of a number of graphics printed on various types of media. The center circle that anchors the look of the booth is a dye-sublimated SEG fabric backlit graphic. This graphic is hemmed with a silicone strip that inserts into a channeled frame around the center of the booth and is edge-lit by an array of LED lights.

The graphics that flank the centerpiece on either end are also dye-sublimated SEG fabrics. The big benefit of SEG fabrics is that they can be installed and taken down so easily. Another noted benefit of these graphics is that they are machine-washable should they happen to get dirty at any point.

The arch mounted above the center backlit graphic is wrapped with a form-fitting fabric pillowcase graphic which is held taught by a zipper.

The table and chairs are outfitted with graphics printed on a PVC material called sintra that has been cut to size and attached with adhesive. The podium graphics are also printed on sintra, but instead of being taped, they slide into the podium’s frame. Like any of the other graphics in this booth, they can be easily swapped out with new graphics.

A real selling point for our booths is how they are stored and shipped. Each booth comes in its own tiered-crate along with assembly and packing instructions. These felt-lined crates are outfitted with jigging to keep each piece of the booth snug and secure during transit.

Once the booth and graphics were completed, we arranged freight to deliver it to the expo’s staging warehouse as well as return freight to have it shipped back to our facilities for storage. When we receive the crate back after the show, we can inspect the booth for any missing or damaged parts.

When it’s time for the next show, we can print any replacement graphics that are needed and schedule to have it shipped. Benchmark is able to arrange installation and dismantling of our booths just about anywhere in the contiguous United States. All our clients need to do is show up for the show. We handle the rest!

Exhibiting at trade shows is a great way for businesses to boost brand awareness, generate leads, and spot trends in the market. Tunnel Hill Partners was able to stand out and attract a great deal of attention at their show. While it takes more than just having a booth to succeed at a trade show, having a great booth sure does help!

We’re glad we were able to provide Tunnel Hill with everything they needed, including our booth management services. They were able to pick a design from our large catalog and see a mock up of what it would look like. We handled the build, graphic design and production, crating, and shipping. We are also storing it in our climate controlled warehouse for their next show. Tunnel Hill is able to focus on its overall marketing plan and use Benchmark expertise to implement that plan for tradeshows.

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