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Benchmark helps Alyce enhance their image at the National Bridal Show

ALYCE Paris is a renowned fashion house that has been designing elegant dresses for almost 50 years.  A long-time client of Benchmark, they recently presented us with some unique challenges for their booth space at the National Bridal Market Chicago 2016 show.  In a venue notorious for its unsightly walls, the backdrops we created needed to show off ALYCE’s gowns as well as conceal the poorly constructed partitions the site provides.  Also, future venues might have different dimensions. Our “fix” for that variable was to provide oversized panels which easily field-adapt for both the interior and exterior of their 20 by 40 foot booth.

Though Lambda printing was ALYCE’s first choice for this project, we recommended combining Lambda components with fabric elements.  What better medium than fabric printing to convey the impact of those gorgeous gowns?  The final booth used the two media together, each enhancing the other, the classic elegance of the Alyce logo, smooth and flat, in contrast with the soft curves and details of the gowns and models.


A 17 foot mural with Lambda logo endcaps and single fabric center image, placed on the back of the booth, faced the aisle and reversed the look of the front.  Space between the two walls provided the models with a private changing area.


The booth design also thrilled Alyce because it created an easy do-it-yourself installation. Not needing to hire expensive show labor to set up their booth was a great cost-saving feature.  Benchmark’s backdrops were durable, flexible, and packable.  Nathalie Lambert, the Market Event Director at ALYCE let us know that “Chicago was very easy to breakdown.  Overall we got a great response to the banners and signage.” Next stop for this booth: their Atlanta show.

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Our marketing firm suggested Benchmark.  As soon as I saw the display panels, I could see why. The photos, even though they were blown up to a huge size, look crisp and clear; the colors are beautiful. Benchmark sent them quickly (they rushed to get them to us in time for an upcoming show) and the response we’ve gotten is extremely positive.  I now will use only Benchmark – their quality is outstanding; their prices are reasonable..and they’re nice to work with!
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