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Universal Marble & Granite

Universal Granite and Marble (UGM) is a highly successful U.S. importer of natural stone from India, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Portugal, and China. They maintain over 500,000 sq.ft. of stone gallery and showroom space in markets including Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland, Milwaukee, St. Louis, and Omaha. Architects, interior designers, and fabricators visit their warehouse locations to select just the right pieces of stone for their projects.

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We met with UMG at one of their Chicago sites for a consultation and to better understand their needs. Picture a huge, barren, industrial warehouse functioning as a showroom for 100s of immense heavy stone slabs. UMG wanted a way to “Wow” their clients, tell a story, and connect their customer’s imaginations to uses for the slabs on the floor.IMG_5189_cropped

We recommended an economical pocketed vinyl banner, 35 feet by 10 feet, that would  hang from the rafters  and conceal a dreary wall. For their image we combined three main ingredients: a granite quarry, finished installed granite products, and the UMG brand identity. Using their brand colors as a base, we composed a unique eye catching visual that fully encompassed their story.brazil-feb-2005-giallo-ven-quarry-033UGM 2 color logo

Final Product:
The vibrant colors and artful design transformed the space creating an impression of light and vitality. Universal Marble & Granite is very pleased and feels they got their “Wow”. So much so, we’re making plans to roll out the project for their other spaces.

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