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Vutek Uv Hybrid Printer

Vutek-QSVuTek is the power house of our imaging and printing arsenal. You’ll love the great graphic value it can print. It is a 10 foot UV hybrid, meaning it can print ultra-violet curing ink onto both roll media and flat boards at widths up to 120”. Printing directly onto boards means skipping the expensive step of lamination so production costs drop. Printing on to 10ft roll vinyl means billboard size images that will impress people that are “way over there”. UV inks is known industry wide as one of the most durable and versatile inks available. And since the inks are outdoor durable they don’t require face lamination, another cost savings. Lastly, it is “white ink” capable. That enables creativity in printing on clear and frosted plastics and glass most people don’t even realize is possible.

Best Applications for Vutek UV Printing
  • Meeting and Event Signs
  • Wayfinding (direction) signs
  • Retail Point of Sale Promotion Signs Vutek printing is absolutely the best choice for these short term signage needs.
  • Popup Panels VuTek UV is a great lower cost alternative for matched mural panels for tradeshow backwalls
  • Roll up Banners VuTek UV is a low cost alternative for the graphics in roll up display units. We print on a no-curl vinyl material yielding a great look for really competitive prices.
  • Display Boards For court rooms, business meetings, or sales presentations, VuTek UV printing will get your message across. Display Boards will accept push-pins for tack on graphics during use.
  • Backlit and Frontlit graphics on plastic allow your creatives to run wild.