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LED Pillowcase Clamping Arm Light

  • The right solution for lighting pillowcase backwalls
  • Sold individually with power supply
  • 7500 K color temperature for cool appearance
  • Rugged long life light source makes spare bulbs obsolete
$114.00 .
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Pillowcase backwalls need lighting like all other portable displays. But attaching lights to a pillowcase backwall frame needs different engineering. The base of the arm on our pillowcase lights have a clamp that simply tightens onto the tubular frame after the graphic is in place. This means you can locate the light over any graphic element you want to draw attention to.  The color temperature is cool – 75000 K . Sold singly, each includes its own power pack. Adding light to your backwall setup for better visibility is just a matter of tightening a clamp.


Product Weight 1 lbs
Product Dims 21″ L x 6″ H x 2″ W