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Stoplight Hard Case

  • The perfect shipping case for your Stoplight Display
  • Wheels make transport easier
  • Packing inserts protect lightbox rails and lights during transport
$325.00 .


Upgrade the canvas bag that comes with your Stoplight Backlit Display to a more durable option! The sturdy, molded plastic will secure and protect your investment, and it’s stackable for easy storage and transport. One case is needed for the 3×8 Stoplight, 2 cases needed for the 5×8, 8×8 & 10×8 Stoplights.

Stoplight Accessories

Weight 15lbs
Shipping dimensions 47” W  x 17” H  x 10” D
Case Outside Dimensions 46.5 “ W x 15.75” H x 8.75” D
Case Inside Dimensions 44.8” W x 15 “ H  x 6” D