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Stand Off

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Gyford StandOff Systems®

When your graphics would feel enclosed by a heavy frame, or the substrate your graphic is printed on can’t be framed, choose an open mounting option instead.  Standoff picture mounting uses a lot of technology to seamlessly hang graphics of all sizes.

Standoffs with Wire

There are three great options to float your graphics!  Choose the classic standoff system, where posts are inserted through the graphic’s corners and capped by decorative pucks.  Option two, edge grip stanoffs. They work and look similar in appearance to the classics but avoid piercing the artwork. And three, cable and rod systems. They elongate your space by creating vertical lines with heavy gauge wire managed by bold hardware accents. Special cable mount hardware secures your pictures in place and can also hold shelves for increased functionality. Choices also include four great colors and cap styles. Click here to see an entire catalog of these versatile components .

Standoff System

Printing your graphics is another area where you have many options.  First choose the media that best suits your art. Then choose a mounting substrate. We can trim your graphics right on the edge, you can spot mount leaving a beautiful clear border for your pictures, or we can wrap your graphics around the substrate to increase the visual impact of your brand or photograph all the way around the piece . If the substrate is revealed, 1/4″ plexiglass with polished edges is a great choice. If not, an expanded foam board will prove a durable unbreakable base that will protect your investment.

Quarter Plex polished with spot mount-5

Let Benchmark take existing graphics to completion, or we’ll create new ones for you.  We can take the process from start to finish, including installation.  Since there are so many options to choose from for this product type, you should call a Benchmark rep so they can walk you through each step.  We’d be more than happy to help you choose mounting hardware for one or one hundred pictures.  Choose Benchmark for your next standoff project.





Interior Graphics

Hanging Graphics

Hanging Graphics
Make your artwork a showpiece in your office!  We have many hanging options.

Wall Coverings

Wall Coverings
Wall coverings are a creative way to update your interior spaces.  We have the latest methods!


When you want to have the coolest office, we can print custom ceiling tiles sure to be the highlight of your office!


Whether you need a trade show floor or a temporary vinyl decal, we can print them all!


We do more than just vinyl business hour signs – we do the whole window!  Click to learn more.


Custom Fabric
Wall coverings, curtains – we can custom print large scale fabrics for interiors.