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Entrance 2

The Museum of Science and Industry, one of Chicago’s top museums, opened a new exhibit called “Brick by Brick”. It’s an amazing display of Lego® creations that emulate famous architectural structures from around the world.  Most were “built” by Adam Reed Tucker, a native Chicagoan who is one of only 14 Certified Lego® Professionals in the world. The goal was to surprise kids with the creative potential of something they are already quite familiar with. Some of the constructions contain up to 64,000 bricks and took hundreds of hours to make. The most talked about piece is a jaw dropping 60 foot long representation of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Golden Gate Bridge

Frank Loyd Right House on the Rock

Ravenswood Studio constructed the exhibit. Our role was to make the backgrounds behind most of the Lego structures as well as information plaques that explain details of the individual displays. Having the opportunity to add our services to their incredible mix of talent and creativity was a great honor.

Cinderella's Castle

Ping Building

If you haven’t visited the museum for a while we highly recommend the trip. Here is a link to their site