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BIG Rock’em Sock’em Backlit Graphic for Dave & Buster’s

Dave & Buster’s, the all-out fun arcade/dining/entertainment company, wanted something new to promote the debut of their exclusive, gi-normous, Rock ’em Sock ’em Robots game. In case you’ve forgotten, Rock’em Sock’em Robots pits two players against each other as they control the 5 foot red and blue robots in a boxing battle to the finish, winning when the victor knocks the opposing robot’s head off. The giant robots and scaled-up boxing ring take the fun of the classic 1964 Mattel game to the next level to allow generations of fans to reconnect with a childhood favorite. Here’s a quick look at the game in action:  Rock’em Sock’em arcade.

The Dave and Buster entrance has a “huge” staircase with each riser sporting a backlit surface. Benchmark had produced graphics for the stairwell previously. But this time D&B wanted to turn the backlights on at night, so the image would make even more impact.

“Can you guys make this work?” asked our contact Gretchen.

Sure we can! Our durable printing creates terrific backlit images and we have just the right substrate that will work with the stair risers.

How did it work out?

Here is what Dave and Buster’s Director Pete Stearns had to say:  “Our marketing department kicks ass. Stairs look fantastic.”  And Gretchen?  “Jim – Stair graphics were installed today. They look SO COOL! Many props to you and your team. Thanks for everything!”

Feeling is mutual Gretchen! Thanks for including us in such a fun project!