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Banner Stand Cases

Protect your investment

There’s more to marketing than showing up, and if you want to wow potential customers it’s going to take more than a run of the mill booth. In a world of fierce competition and discerning consumer demands, displays need to be able to both attract attention as well as hold on to it to give your products a chance to shine. Benchmark Imaging and Display will give you the edge you need in today’s marketplace!

Benchmark can help to bring your vision to life, in large and vibrant print for all the world to see.?? They have a variety of display options to cover all of your needs, and a dedicated, professional staff to help you every step of the way.?? They can help you realize your vision, and once you have every beautiful curve and line just the way you want, it’s time to take it out and put it on display!

It’s not surprising that an industry leader in imaging and display would have equally impressive solutions for safe and efficient transport.?? You’ve put a lot of time and energy into the perfect showcase, and the last thing you need is for something to get damaged en route.?? Similarly, your time is precious, and you’d like to spend it wooing potential customers rather than carrying boxes and fixing things.?? So put your mind at ease and place your trust in experience: Benchmark Imaging and Display has the solutions you need.

All Benchmark display solutions come with a carrying bag, and while these are great for short distances you may require something more robust if you need to go farther or plan on shipping your displays.?? Hard shell shipping cases from Benchmark will protect all your hard work at a great value.?? Built to withstand the roughest baggage treatment, these cases include rugged straps and handles that will go the distance.?? There are cases made specifically for each of Benchmark’s displays, as well as general purpose interlocking crates and tubs to haul or ship anything you need.?? And once you get there, many of these cases will serve as handy counters and podiums that are sure to impress.

Of course, many modern displays include elements that are unique.?? Perhaps you have something with unusual and fantastic dimensions, or maybe just something requiring special consideration like a computer monitor.?? Whatever the ‘case’ may be, Benchmark is proud to offer custom cases built to order.?? Designed to conform to the Air Transport Associations Specification 300 Category 1 requirements, these ATA cases come in both light duty and heavy duty constructions.?? Light duty cases are built from high impact .098 ABS plastic, while heavy duty cases are comprised of a combination of .040 ABS plastic and 1/4???, 3/8???, or 1/2??? plywood sidewalls.?? Both include shock absorbing polyester and polyethylene foam interiors, as well as nickel-plated steel corners and valence reinforcement to protect their valuable contents.

In short, Benchmark Imaging & Display provides top quality cases not just for the portable displays they can provide, but also for anything you can conceive.?? You can rest easy knowing that everything you need will arrive at its destination intact, freeing you to focus on advancing your business.?? As it should be.