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Case Study: A Collaborative Success with Taylor Studios Inc.

Benchmark Imaging & Display received a time-sensitive request from Taylor Studios Inc.’s Creative Director, Jason Cox, to produce exhibit graphics for the Bison Center in South Dakota’s Custer State Park. With the state’s lieutenant governor attending the grand opening on May 20th, there was no time to waste! As Taylor Studios’ printing partner, Benchmark went to work immediately on bringing their graphic designs to life while maintaining high-quality standards and meeting their tight deadline.


Client Profile:

Client: Taylor Studios Inc.
Project: Bison Center Exhibit for Custer State Park
Objective: Produce an array of custom graphics within a very tight deadline


Benchmark Imaging & Display’s main challenges were:

  • Time sensitivity: With only 3-4 weeks to test, print, and ship approximately 80 large graphics, the project required exceptional speed and efficiency
  • Client changes: Adjusting to client modifications while maintaining the original delivery date
  • Quality assurance: Ensuring the graphics would align properly during installation, despite limited information about the installation process and lack of access to the exhibit location


Benchmark Imaging & Display provided the following solutions:

  • Customized prints and exceptional materials: Offering a variety of print options and testing color swatches with different materials for client approval
  • Quick communication and collaboration: Working closely with Taylor Studios to address changes promptly and efficiently
  • Prototyping and custom cuttings: Creating prototypes for custom banners and cutting graphics to their exact specifications to ensure proper alignment during installation

The Outcome:

Despite the tight deadline and client modifications, Benchmark Imaging & Display successfully delivered over 80 high-quality graphics of all shapes and sizes on an array of materials for the Bison Center Exhibit. Some of the highlights for the prints we produced include:

  • The large print of a herd of bison mounted on the wall
  • The head-butting bison cut-outs
  • Infographics of various shapes and sizes

The final installed graphics showcased the exceptional work of Benchmark Imaging & Display’s printing capabilities and Taylor Studios Inc.’s design. The grand opening on May 20th was a resounding success!


“We’ve developed a great partnership with Benchmark Imaging. Their dedication, eye for detail, and creative solutions were really evident on our Custer State Park project. Our client was very pleased with the end result.”

Jason R. Cox
Vice President of Operations / Creative Director
Taylor Studios, Inc.


Benchmark Imaging & Display demonstrated our ability to deliver high-quality, customized exhibit graphics within tight deadlines. Our collaboration with Taylor Studios Inc. on the Bison Center Exhibit at Custer State Park highlights our expertise and adaptability in the museum exhibit design industry.

If you’re a museum curator, exhibit designer, or a creative director looking to transform your next exhibit with custom graphics, look no further than Benchmark Imaging & Display.

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