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Inflight’s Custom 10ft x 10ft Booth

InFlight is known for putting “beautiful faces on big back-ends…”


InFlight specializes in modernizing legacy information systems (backends) with new responsive, user-friendly interfaces (beautiful faces). More, they consolidate different software systems into more manageable applications.

Last year, InFlight asked Benchmark to help them make a better impression with their 10×10 booth at the OHUG 2017 Global Conference. Using our catalog of booth designs, they were able to zero in on exactly what they wanted to capture their prospects’ attention. Here’s the concept we settled on to start the build.

10X10 Custom Booth Diagram 2017
This year, they wanted to use the booths BIG 8ft x 8ft backlit to take it up another notch. With a wonderfully creative image of some of the biggest, ugliest, backends on Earth, they stopped prospects in their tracks and delivered their message – “we put beautiful faces on big back-ends”.

Custom 8x8 backlit backdrop with custom reception counter

Graphically, their booth consists of an aluminum frame backwall display fitted with an 8ft x 8ft backlit SEG graphic, custom printed and shaped wing panels, and a pillowcase canopy. Structurally, the frame is outfitted with a counter, shelving, and a monitor mount for digital displays. To support lead capture and literature distribution, there is a reception counter fitted with custom printed panels and literature holders.

The backlit SEG graphic was the centerpiece of the display. SEG is an acronym for silicone edge graphic. This is a graphic that is printed on tension fabric with silicone strips sewn to its edges. The edges of the graphic can then be easily and securely inserted into a channeled frame. The frame displays the lightweight graphic, keeping the fabric taut, crisp, and wrinkle-free. LED side lights illuminate the graphic with bright, even lighting.

The wing panels were custom designed, printed, and computer-cut out of sintra board and attached to the frame with clips. The canopy was made with a custom tension pillowcase graphic that zips into place around a tubular aluminum frame, complementing the backlit graphic and its accompanying wing panels.

Like the backwall display, the reception counter also is based on an aluminum frame. The literature holders attach to the vertical frame members. The counter’s infill panels were custom printed and cut from sintra board, just like the wing panels.



All of the above breaks down into three sturdy cases, each with wheels for easy transportation.

In addition to producing the booth, Benchmark provides InFlight with booth storage, shipping logistics, and the professional crews that set up and dismantle the booth at shows. This Rhino booth was used at a venue in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The great thing about the display, aside from its looks, is that it can be modified and added to for larger spaces. And next year, if they find a better picture of backends, they’ll simply order replacement graphics and panels to show them off.

While this was a 10ft x 10ft booth, Benchmark Imaging & Display can accommodate the design and production of booths of any size. We also offer a variety of easy-to-assemble portable solutions. Among our more popular offerings are the new SEG backlit pop up displays and our retractable banner stands.

If you’re interested in having a custom trade show booth produced for your next conference or event, get started by reviewing our online catalog of designs, call us at (847) 290-0002, or send us an email by clicking below. Our sales team will be more than happy to answer any of your questions and get you on the road!

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Customers Say:

Our marketing firm suggested Benchmark.  As soon as I saw the display panels, I could see why. The photos, even though they were blown up to a huge size, look crisp and clear; the colors are beautiful. Benchmark sent them quickly (they rushed to get them to us in time for an upcoming show) and the response we’ve gotten is extremely positive.  I now will use only Benchmark – their quality is outstanding; their prices are reasonable..and they’re nice to work with!
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