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Nimco’s new 40 foot booth from Benchmark packs them in

There are lots of things in modern life that are everywhere but you never stop to think how they come about. Here’s one – the cartons that hold milk and orange juice. Turns out making the complicated machinery that folds, fills, and seals “the freshness in” is no small feat, especially when production requirements hit 10,000 cartons per hour. The packaging technique is called a gable-top and the top company that makes the machines is based in Crystal Lake IL. They have more than 2000 installations in over 60 countries. And that new plastic twist cap that showed up on the carton top that makes it easier to pour and reseal – yea, that’s theirs too!


Working with Nimco’s marketing & sales director we determined that they needed background graphics to delineate their 40ft inline booth that could boldly announce their brand and products, provide a branded lead gathering station, and create a small storage area to keep sales samples and literature etc., out of sight and under control. Moreover, they wanted the flexibility to use the same structures at smaller shows. They had been trying unsuccessfully to match all these needs with their budget.  We took on the challenge.

Benchmark’s curves light pillow case system gave Nimco all the flexibility they were looking for, for shows large and small. Using our 10ft version meant they could add, subtract, mix, and match displays to fit pretty much any US show space based on 10’x10’ modules. It also gave them the option of having single or double sided graphics where needed. In addition, they could schedule multiple small shows at the same time because they had multiple displays.

With the specs we provided, Nimco’s own graphic designer put together the images for the fabric pillow-case graphics.

Then, for less than $10,000, we produced the full 40ft display and lead gathering station you see here.   The resulting booth could fit in a mini-van and setup was straight forward enough they could do it themselves.

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